Family Violence: Resources for Change

The Project

Physical, emotional, economic and sexual abuse destroy people's lives, families, and the communities we live in. Peace Bridges is investigating ways we can equip peace builders to help their communities make a change by preventing and healing family violence.

A background study was completed in March 2008 and a small case study research project exploring the application of conflict transformation skills to family conflict and violence was completed in July 2009. We began program and lesson design in August 2009 and a pilot program for community peacebuilders began in January 2010.

Program recommendations over the next several months will hopefully result in new resources, training, and services for community peacebuilders. If you would like to suggest a resource or organization to be included in the upcoming pilot program, please e-mail Somethea.

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Available Resources

1. Background & Justification
Peace Bridges has decided to focus on family reconciliation processes for two main reasons. First and as above, Peace Bridges already possesses motivation, resources and skills in areas of conciliation and mediation that can be applied in the family context. Second, current studies indicate both a weakness and an opportunity in this area.

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2. Transforming Family Conflict: Case Study Research Reports

As part of our program development, Peace Bridges conducted a small case study research project. Resources include: the full research report, summary report, and powerpoint presentations.

Several resources are available for download HERE.

You can also read the Summary Report online HERE.

An article summarizing results of 3 focus group discussions held during presentations of the case study research results is also available. Guiding questions were related to: Gender, Traditional Reconciliation Process, Biggest Challenges, and Creating Change. HERE.

3. Understanding Family Violence in Cambodia: A Review of the Literature

Understanding Family Violence in Cambodia, July 2008 Revision - THIS IS A PDF DOCUMENT (right click and save as if you have difficulty downloading)

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Introduction & Table of Contents

Part 1: Basic Undertsandings of Violence in the Home

Part 2: Domestic Violence in Cambodia

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4. Project Proposal - A Summary

This is a summary of the Building Peaceful Families program, including the background, justification, timelines, and anticipated activities.

You can also download this document in word.doc format HERE.

5. Pilot Program Curriculum Design Proposal

This document summarizes the program learning outcomes (KASH - knowledge, attitudes, skills and habits) with unit descriptions.

Also available as Word.doc download HERE.
6. Building Peaceful Families - Workshop Workbook, .DOC format (or right click HERE to download as PDF)

This workshop was designed for peacebuilders to encourage reflection about programs that support healthy family systems. It guides the participant to reflect on: 1) how diversity of program approaches strengthens effectiveness, as well as how different program approaches can be integrated; 2) how to apply Galtung's theory of Direct-Structural-Cultural Violence to family conflict; 3) how to use Galtung's theory as a tool for cultivating self-awareness of family values, habits, and actions. It also models how peacebuilders can move from understanding peace theory to applying it both as an analysis/programming tool and as practical activities for community members.